Belief Hole is Returning! Join us Feb 11th πŸ‘€ New Season 6 Features πŸ”₯

Well, Hello Hello Belieflings! It's been too long since we last talked. When Season 5 was nearing it's end, we three brothers of the Hole were

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Well, Hello Hello Belieflings!

It's been too long since we last talked. When Season 5 was nearing it's end, we three brothers of the Hole were in need of a season break that would allow us to plan a stronger and more productive, but less bone crunching, nail biting, soul grinding production schedule 🫠

Implementing some hopefully magical new changes in the backend this season, we are determined to make Season 6 the best season yet for you guys: deeper digs, more laughs, more fascinating tales, and a zestier Expansion experience for members.

New Features launching in Season 6:

πŸ’¬ Discord

A gathering place and playground for all things Hole. Eventually implementing member perks for Expansion members who join the Discord. (Special thanks to Uncle Slommer for help getting this off the ground!)

πŸ₯‹πŸ§’ Merch

Freaking. Finally. Season 6 will see the re-development of the Belief Hole Merch store, starting with some solid initial designs and growing as the season continues. (Special thanks to Brad and Sam Palmer for your generous awesomeness and work!)

πŸ‘» Listener Story Archive Online

We've been building a resource for listeners and fellow researchers alike. This new massive assemblage of the strange can be used by the wandering Beliefling to fascinate, bewilder, titillate and tantalize with true accounts submitted by our own listeners. These story posts are complete with imagery, text, and an audio player so you can relive the story as it aired on the show.

🀀 When the freakin' heck do these things launch?

These are all in various stages of development, but here's our general timeline:

Discord - beta should be available by our first episode back - Feb, 11th. If that changes, we'll have an announcement in the episode, so keep your ears peeled!

Merch - if all things run smooth, we hope to have a new release of designs in March, with discounts for Expansion members

Listener Stories Archive - This is on the website now with over 100 stories, but more stories are being added as we cross-reference our previous episodes and finish building the pages. We'll be emailing listeners who submitted stories with links to their page soon!

πŸ”₯ Thank you for Staying Tuned!

Thanks for all to all of you who've stuck with us during the break. You have no idea how important that is to us. Hope you're all having a killer 2024 year so far, and we'll see you all with more strange, February 11th! πŸ‘Š

– Jeremy and the Brothers of the Hole πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

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Published 5 months ago


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