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📱 Can I listen to Expansion episodes on my phone?:

YES! By far, the easiest and most convenient way to stream our Expansion episodes is using your favorite mobilur telephone podcast app (except Spotify). For full instructions on setting this up, as well as a list of compatible apps, click here.

If you have your private Expansion RSS Feed on hand and just want to see how to punch it in and subscribe, you can watch this video tutorial, lovingly made by Jeremy.

🤬 I requested my RSS Feed but haven't received the email:

Go check that junk folder. The email containing your RSS Feed URL comes from a 3rd party called Castos, and it's not uncommon for those emails to hit the ol' junk box. Better yet, search your whole inbox for "castos" and see if a message comes up. The subject should say "You've been added to Belief Hole | Expansion".

🥺 What happens if I have to cancel, temporarily?:

If someday, in a far distant future, you need to cancel your membership, your RSS Feed URL will automatically be deactivated. But fear not! when you return (which you will), you will automatically be sent a brand spanking new RSS feed to put in your podcast app.

😫 I have more questions, can I email you?:

Oh, yeah, you betchya: brothers@beliefhole.com