Ask your Questions for Upcoming Interview with "Disembodied Voices" Author, Tim Marczenko!

You've heard the episode. Many of you read his book. Now, use your own disembodied voices and let us know what YOU want to know from Tim Marczenko, author of Disembodied Voices!

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We're super stoked to announce our upcoming interview with Tim Marczenko - Author of Disembodied Voices!

If you haven't heard our episode on Disembodied Voices, inspired by his book, it's a major favorite of ours. Go Check It Out, or listen using the player at the bottom of this page ;)

His fascinating book, which you should absolutely go get a copy of now, is a mix of personal experience and compiled research, outlining a previously unidentified Fortean phenomenon - Disembodied Voices.

In our interview (set to record this Friday) we'll be sitting down with him to get the inside scoop on his experience, his research, and to generally probe his mind on the paranormal.

What do you want to know?

We know a lot of you amazing Belieflings and Holers loved this book, and so, we wanted to give you an opportunity to ask some questions of the author.

Feel free to respond to this post, or submit thoughts/questions directly at We may not get to all the questions, but would love to hear what you want to know! :)

Previous Episode covering Disembodied Voices:

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