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Season 1 is now Archived for Members-Only. Here's how to access it!

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Dear Beloved Member of the Hole,

As many of you know, the Belief Hole is ever-evolving. When we started the show, we hadn't planned a specific direction or style. It developed organically, influenced by our own experimentation as well as input and inspiration from many of you amazing Belieflings.

Now that the Belief Hole has found its voice, we are archiving our first (more raw and experimental) season of the show for Members Only.


As a member, you have been automatically granted continued access to the first season, should you choose to revisit it, or climb down to its murky depths for the first time.


As a member, you should have received an email TODAY (05/25/22) from Belief Hole | ARCHIVED SEASONS via Castos" with the subject "You've been added to Belief Hole | ARCHIVED SEASONS".

It looks like this:

In that email, you will find an RSS link similar to the one you received for downloading the Expansion episodes in your preferred podcast app. The RSS feed URL looks like this:

This feed URL is your private member feed. You can paste this link into a number of popular podcast apps in order to download the Archived Seasons feed and stream right from your phone or device.

For more info on how to get episodes in your app using the RSS URL, check out this page showing how to use the Expansion RSS feed.

Please hit us up with any questions or if you need help getting access to the Season 1 Archives.

Yours in the Hole,

Jeremy, Jon and Chris

Belief Hole Podcast

Published 2 years ago


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