🔥URGENT: Spotify Listener? You Could Lose Us!

Do you listen to us on Spotify? Well, due to a glitch, we have 2 listings on Spotify. Spotify will soon correct the glitch by deleting one! 😬 So if you don't subscribe to both, you may lose us! Read More to save the Hole!

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Hello amazing listener!

Do you listen to us on Spotify? Well, due to a glitch, we have 2 accounts on Spotify. Meaning, we come up twice if you search our name. One listing says Belief Hole | Paranormal... and the other says Belief Hole | Conspiracy... They are the exact same feed, but soon, Spotify will correct the glitch by deleting one! 😬

This means we'll LOSE ALL subscribers for one of the channels, as well as ALL the reviews. So, if you're subscribed to one channel, and not the other, we'll sadly disappear from your Spotify feed ;(

👊 EASY FIX: Sign up for both!

That way, when one is removed, you'll still be locked on to the Hole! And Hurry! One gets deleted this Monday, July 17th! 🫣🫢🫣

Follow Channel 1:

Follow Channel 2:

And if you appreciate the show, don't forget to click the 3 little dots to leave us a 5 star review!

Thanks for being awesome, have a great summer, and we'll see you back in the Hole July 30th!!

🔥Jon Breaks it Down for Ya:

— Your brothers in the Hole! 👊👊👊

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Published a year ago


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